blooming collection

i have a thing about quantity.
i lean toward the more side of things actually, i don’t just lean, I jump
at the chance to fill a room full of something when most people think three is about
right. like candles, or dinner guests, or cats or tree branches, or panforte.
one day, in my old spitfire (rusty racing green) i passed a mountain of flowers.
needless to say, I did a youie. the two guys throwing out the dahlias, told me the
flower show was over and to help myself. hah!
down went the top on my car. filled it with flowers, filled it-the trunk, passenger seat,
behind the seats, on my lap off i drove. must have been a funny sight,
people laughing at stop lights, and helping themselves to armloads then I went back
to get more for friends. i have this thing. sometimes I just want MORE (for everyone)


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larger images upon request via email or courier
bespoke colour, materials and sizes are encouraged!
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