bespoke or custom is encouraged- the result is an original carpet which reflects the individual’s creative spirit.

with the exception of the spiderwoman collection, we invite bespoke colourations, sizes, patterns, shapes and scale.

the process of customizing a hand woven carpet is simple.

  1. select an existing design, request changes or variations to an existing design(scale changed, addition of a border, addition of a few more colour etc or request a new design.
  2. specify shape and dimensions up to 30 feet wide by 35 feet long
  3. select colours or provide samples of colours the client wants to co-ordinate with.
  4. several options will be provided by email for the client’s perusal
  5. once a selection is made, a colour rendering will be couriered for approval prior to production of a strike
  6. a strike 2’-0” x 2’-0” (a sample of the design) will be produced to confirm colouration, scale and design for approval. lead time is 4-8 weeks.
  7. be patient- these are hand knotted carpets.

    for instance an 8’-0” x 10’-0” carpet has 1,250,000 knots.
    the lead time is determined by the number of knots per square inch (ours are usually a true 100 knot) or a finer carpet of 150 knots, the length of the carpet, the intricacy of the design and the number of colours (up to 30 colours).