about us

what distinguishes the carpets from the zoë luyendijk studio (pronounced lion-dike) is that, while each has the immediate impact of something unusual, their lasting appeal stems from the free-spirited originality at the source of each design.
over time, the carpets continue to reward and yield unexpected discoveries.
there is more going on here than first meets the eye- beyond beauty, there is depth, substance, resonance.
each design is the result of a deeply personal exploration- on one hand playful, unbridled,
the other- intense, uncompromising and tenacious.
once committee, an idea is never explored halfway.
inspiration from nature- the colours and forms of coastal waters and forests
inspiration from myths- the stories that cut across time and cultures
inspiration from artists that have travelled before her
ultimately, she responds to something uniquely her own.

zoë luyendijk studio is dedicated to producing products that celebrate the individual creative spirit, the wildness in nature and ourselves, the joy of discovery and the exceptional quality that comes from materials and designs in the hands of artisans in kathmandu.

zoë luyendijk studio was established in 1995 as a vehicle to develop original designs that bring together the ideals of creativity, quality craftsmanship and cultural exchange.

with partner murray malott, a master boat builder, zoë luyendijk studio was launched at ICFF in may of 2002.